She is running for her life. He has run from his life. Meet Nancy & Jake in – The Cabin!


It’s 1930 and the Sierra Nevada Mountains are home to a town of renegade Mormons.  On Nancy’s 18th birthday, her father tells her she has to marry her cousin Abner, who already has 3 wives. Nancy refuses and runs away, spending a fearful night in the woods until she stumbles upon what will ultimately change her life –  THE CABIN

Today is the audiobook release day for The Cabin, book 3 of the Manhattan Stories, by Donna Mabry!  I’ve had so much fun narrating this series for Dreamscape Media. Part of the joy for me, has been getting to know these wonderfully drawn characters that Donna Mabry has so beautifully created, and then having the opportunity to travel through the generations with each of them. From Jessica, to Pillsbury Crossing to The Cabin. It’s been an incredible journey that I won’t soon forget.

The Cabin is now available on and at Amazon!

JESSICA – Book One of The Manhattan Stories – Have a listen …


I have been having such a wonderful time narrating this beautiful series!

Here is a sample from the newly released audiobook JESSICA. Jessica is Book 1 of The Manhattan Stories written by Donna Mabry for Dreamscape Media.  Now available on Amazon and at

Have a listen…

Next up:  Pillsbury Crossing to be released August 18th, 2015.  Jessica takes us into to the heartland, where a new generation takes the stage.

Step back in time to Manhattan, New York, 1869 and meet JESSICA – out today!!


Manhattan, New York, 1869 – I have always loved time period pieces, in all media forms, whether it be a novel, a piece of music or a movie. Perhaps it’s my classical theatre background, I’m not sure. What I do know, is that it was with great joy that I returned from Manhattan, New York, 2015 to learn the wonderful news that I would be narrating JESSICA by Donna Mabry for Dreamscape Media.

I have loved working on this first book in the Manhattan Series and I’m so excited to celebrate today’s audiobook release day of JESSICA.

Here is a short descripton to give you an idea as to what this beautiful story is all about. Jessica grabbed my heart from the moment my eyes met the very first page. I hope she’ll do the same to yours. Enjoy!

“Wealthy heiress Jessica McCarthy desperately wants to be married and have a family. A rogue and a scoundrel, Zachary Belk is the only one who has proposed. Even though her father warns her that Zachary won’t make a good husband, she marries him. She soon discovers that her father was right. When the stock market crashes, and both families are left penniless, Zachary seeks a new fortune on a property he owns in another Manhattan, in Kansas. They are only there a short time before he deserts her. With a new baby, Jessica must learn to survive and support her family in an unfamiliar frontier land with only her faith and determination to guide her.”