“Buchanan’s debut novel unfolds like a symphony as it examines the impact of trauma on five generations of women. Five talented narrators breathe life into these complicated survivors.
Five-Part Invention earphones-award-inline-image – AudioFile Magazine

Susan Hanfield is PERFECTION narrating the first 3 in my series ‘The Manhattan Stories.’ Bonus: She is a constant support through social media! Susan is a SUPERSTAR!”
– The Manhattan Stories – Donna Foley Mabry, author

“Thank you! Thank you!  I am over-the-moon thrilled with your narration! I love how you brought each story to life. You nailed every character and every emotion.  My favorite voice is the little girl voice you used for my granddaughter! Couldn’t be more pleased.”
– The Athlete Inside – Sue Reynolds, author

“In this fractured fairy-tale debut, narrator Susan Hanfield adds vocal perfection to Morrison’s rich characters. Rapunzel knows only her tower and Witch, who takes care of her every need. When Jack comes to her tower with stories of injured fairies, cures, fairy magic harmful to Witch, and stories of Witch’s lies, Rapunzel reluctantly agrees to descend into the world she’s been taught to fear. Hanfield handles Rapunzel’s emotional transitions from incredulous disbelief to all-consuming love for Witch and to her ultimate transformation from a spoiled and sheltered girl into a confident and trustworthy companion. Hanfield’s portrayal of Witch switches effortlessly between sweet and motherly and cold and raspy. Hanfield nails each character no matter the role, creating a magnificent performance.
– Grounded: The Adventures of Rapunzel – AudioFile Magazine

Susan Hanfield’s nuanced characterizations, impressive command of multiple languages and accents, and tireless commitment to excellence, bring scene after scene vividly to life.
You, Fascinating You – Germaine Shames, author

“Narrator Susan Hanfield embodies the characters Love and Death, who wager on the love between Henry and Flora, a pair of teenagers in Seattle in the 1920s. Hanfield uses a stoic voice when Death points out that because Flora is African-American and Henry is white, there is no way their love will endure. From Love, one hears notes of wistfulness and desperation–as he is tired of losing his wagers with Death and wants this forward-thinking pair to thrive. Hanfield believably portrays both Flora and Henry from childhood to the story’s present as well as creating vivid voices for secondary characters, ably handling accents and foreign languages, and even occasionally breaking into song.
The Game of Love and Death (AUDIE FINALIST) – AudioFile Magazine

“The narrator, Susan Hanfield, captured the various accents (from Irish to German) both male and female, and delivered a stellar performance of this solemn, thought-provoking historical romance novel.”
Orphan Train, Book 1, With You Always – reviewed by USA Today Bestselling author, Kristin Holt

The narrator, Susan Hanfield, was new to me, but she was amazing. Full respect for the way she voiced so many characters and helped enhance the eerie tone of this book.”
In the Dark – The Reading Frenzy

Susan Hanfield’s narration varies from an almost musical quality to a faster, sharper reading when discussing Maud’s husband’s mental illness. For Maud’s first-person journal entries, she uses a soft, contemplative voice that brings an immediacy to the account.”
House of Dreams: The Life of L.M. Montgomery – AudioFile Magazine

I enjoyed this book through the audio copy and it took my breath away. I loved just sitting back and listening to the magnificent narration of You, Fascinating You.”
You, Fascinating You – Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

“Narrator Susan Hanfield does a splendid job conveying WWI and the many women who made an immense impact on winning it. She skillfully employs an old-fashioned style for the quotes, and for the narrative she uses a contemporary delivery that enhances the descriptions of women ranging from nurses to telephone operators to prostitutes. The women who pushed against the limits society imposed on ‘the weaker sex’ include elites, suffragettes, pacifists, African-Americans, and immigrants, all of whom have their say with distinction from Hanfield. Listeners will hear fascinating first-person accounts from women reveling in their new more exciting and challenging lives. The audio version is ideal for a book overflowing with names, dates, acronyms, and numerous notes of explanation.”
– Second Life of Defense: American Woman and WW I – AudioFile Magazine

Susan Hanfield is an amazing voice actor!! Susan has unique voices for each of her characters and made the scary ones truly terrifying. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for other books read by her!”
Mortal Danger – Cornerfolds

“Susan Hanfield does an outstanding job with both female, and male characters. Her quality to storytelling was real and believable.
– The Cabin – Audible Listener

The narrators are paired perfectly with the stories within this audio book. All are emotionally involved in these tales of outer space, the supernatural, and other sci-fi topics. Accents, emotions, intonation, and tension hold the listener’s attention.”
STARS (AUDIE FINALIST) – AudioFile Magazine

Susan Hanfield rounds out the cast with a clipped, authoritative voice for Captain Axelrod, who’s leading another ambitious expedition to explore life found on frigid Pluto. This stellar ensemble cohesively enlivens the slower parts of the plot and makes the action sequences positively shine.”
– The Sunborn – AudioFile Magazine

“Great!!!! The actors’ choice of voices was much better than my mind when I read it. It gave my mind a fuller vision over the printed version. I wish it had been recorded earlier. Loved the growth of the characters. Masterful.” – The Calling of the Three: Night Threads, Book 1 – Audible Listener Review

Susan was able to bring the vulnerability of warring siblings and was able to channel that nurturing sister.”
– Ender’s Game Alive (AUDIE FINALIST) – The

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