Film and Theatre

“Rebecca Cremona’s slick-looking ‘Magdalene’ is visually rich and melancholy 27 minutes–what may be the last minutes–in the life of Magdalene (Susan Hanfield, highly compelling in the gamut from pathos to flights of fancy)” – Magdalene – Joe Macleod, Baltimore City Paper

“From the first moment, as ‘Wise-Ass’ sisters Armande (Susan Hanfield) and Henriette bursts forth to tussle over sex and suitors, we sigh with relief that we, and Moliere, are in good hands” – Wise-Ass Women (adaptation of Learned Ladies) – Rob Kendt, Los Angeles Times

“Juan is visited by a gamut of characters including a lusty gal named Magda (a terrific Susan Hanfield)” – Don Juan Dispenso – Robert Axelrod,

Screen shot 2013-11-27 at 4.54.00 PMHanfield’s Armande is a brittle, sarcastic and contemptuous warrior of a woman, possessing a strong intelligence and confidence” – Wise-Ass Women (adaptation of Learned Ladies) – Mary Mallory, The Tolucan Times

Susan Hanfield, wonderful as Whiteside’s favorite ant scientist Professor Metz” – The Man Who Came to Dinner – Robert Koehler, Los Angeles Times

But what really keeps this show bubbling along is Susan Hanfield in the title role. Sweet as baklava, smooth as olive oil and as sharp as retsina, she infuses the production with energy. She’s got Lysistrata’s oh-so-sexy but oh-so-clever number just right. On stage almost the entire evening, Hanfield commands attention and remains the focal point of the action. By the end of the evening, Hanfield has successfully transformed Lysistrata the homemaker into Lysistrata the peacemaker” – Lysistrata – Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

Susan Hanfield as Rita turns in an exquisitely timed, compelling performance. Hanfield is gripping — with no stretching of the little grey cells, she simply is the spunky Rita… British accents are bang-on and localized. Much is made in the script of Rita’s progressive ‘education’ and so it is evident listening to Hanfield’s voice over the two hours.” – Educating Rita – Karen Kinna, On Stage, Vancouver BC