Step back in time to Manhattan, New York, 1869 and meet JESSICA – out today!!


Manhattan, New York, 1869 – I have always loved time period pieces, in all media forms, whether it be a novel, a piece of music or a movie. Perhaps it’s my classical theatre background, I’m not sure. What I do know, is that it was with great joy that I returned from Manhattan, New York, 2015 to learn the wonderful news that I would be narrating JESSICA by Donna Mabry for Dreamscape Media.

I have loved working on this first book in the Manhattan Series and I’m so excited to celebrate today’s audiobook release day of JESSICA.

Here is a short descripton to give you an idea as to what this beautiful story is all about. Jessica grabbed my heart from the moment my eyes met the very first page. I hope she’ll do the same to yours. Enjoy!

“Wealthy heiress Jessica McCarthy desperately wants to be married and have a family. A rogue and a scoundrel, Zachary Belk is the only one who has proposed. Even though her father warns her that Zachary won’t make a good husband, she marries him. She soon discovers that her father was right. When the stock market crashes, and both families are left penniless, Zachary seeks a new fortune on a property he owns in another Manhattan, in Kansas. They are only there a short time before he deserts her. With a new baby, Jessica must learn to survive and support her family in an unfamiliar frontier land with only her faith and determination to guide her.”