Healing Doesn’t Have to Be Linear – Sober Spirituality Releases on Audio!

FinalThis week a really beautiful book released into the world, that I’m so happy to celebrate – Sober Spirituality  by Erin Jean Warde.  I had the honor and joy of narrating this audiobook for Christianaudio, and what I found to be especially moving about Sober Spirituality, is Warde’s transparency as she candidly shares the journey that she took, as an Episcopal priest, to stop drinking.

Through personal stories, and supporting scriptural text, Warde illustrates that healing doesn’t have to be linear.  That on our road to recovery, there isn’t just one way, or the highway.  Our recovery is usually a series of “another day one…” and in Warde’s case, her road to sobriety involved many day ones that consisted of –  stop drinking, then start drinking again, then stop, then start again, stop … etc.  But within each of these moments lies the sweet spot – that recovery isn’t final – its fluid.  It’s constantly changing, flowing and moving.

Our healing (whether it be in our relationship with alcohol, our low self-esteem, or another area where we might need healing in) doesn’t have to follow a straight line.  What worked for some –  or many –  may not work for you and I – and that’s OK.  Recovery and healing isn’t usually neat and tidy.  More often than not, it’s downright messy, it’s spit and dirt (see John 9) and involves one step forward,  many steps back, then another step forward – until suddenly – we are at a new place.  We look around in amazement and see just how far we’ve come.  And in this new place, we can celebrate the joy that can be found in that moment, wherever that may be, knowing that our journey is ever-evolving, ever unfolding and always fluid.   And within that fluidity there is healing, and beauty and hope.  And hope does not disappoint.

Sober Spirituality is now available in print and on audio at Audible and Amazon.com.