The Four Freedoms and a Short

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on, what I believe, is going to become a very powerful short film.  In this short, I play the CEO & Owner of a successful advertising agency.  The subject matter, while I’m not able to say too much yet, is incredibly vital and relevant to our current society and is inspired by true events.  I am humbled to have been on a project such as this.

Our outstanding director, Faith Strongheart, assembled an exceptional cast & crew to bring this difficult story to life.  In addition, Faith and our wonderful producer, Michelle Brattson, brought on the skills of a top-notch stunt coordinator for our last day of shooting, as we had some very intricate scenes to capture.

Our stunt coordinator and his team were absolutely amazing!  I definitely have a new appreciation for the work that these folks do.  Wow.  As our stunt team walked us through the choreography, I was immediately reminded how even a tiny, tiny choreographed move needs to be so carefully approached and executed in order to avoid injury.

As always, I am ever so thankful when I have the opportunity to work alongside a dedicated, talented and supportive cast & crew and such was the case with this current film.  I will update again soon, once I’m able to say more.


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