LAST FLIGHT OF THE MERCENARY a comedy of science & love – takes off this Sunday!

seaplane2I’m looking forward to stepping onto the stage this coming Sunday, April 12th at the Skylight Theatre! My accomplished cast & I will be doing a staged reading of the LAST FLIGHT OF THE MERCENARY, a romantic comedy about string theory, Shakespeare and nights without stars. This charming, witty and engaging new play is written by the very talented Karen Howes and directed by the skillful, Dennis Gersten.  In LAST FLIGHT OF THE MERCENARY, I play fiery Kate Eveland, a scientist committed to creating a time machine that will take her back in time to this one particular moment in her life when she made the wrong choice in love. Perhaps by traveling back in time, Kate can fix her past and thereby live in a happier present? That’s what she’s hoping for and so are we! Time machine, anyone?

LAST FLIGHT OF THE MERCENARY is part of Skylight Theatre’s INKubator Play Reading Series which offers a first glimpse into new projects.

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