I Just Want to See Trees – Now available on Audio!


So happy to celebrate the audiobook release of I Just Want to See Trees: A Journey Through P.T.S.D. written by Marc and Sonja Raciti and published by Healing Wounds. It was an immense honor and joy to be a part of this important story!

I Just Want to See Trees offers a very personal look into Marc’s own journey through P.T.S.D. as a veteran of the US Army.  Written with the hope that by sharing his story, other veterans and individuals struggling with P.T.S.D. will be inspired and encouraged to also seek help, so they too can make it across the abyss and find healing and restoration.

Heartfelt thanks go to my wonderful co-narrator, David Gilmore, who kindly recommended me to Marc and Sonja for this deeply moving project. And to Marc and Sonja, who are an absolute dream to work with.

Now available at Audible.com and Amazon.