Finding the Peace Your Heart Craves

Something we all yearn for…but oftentimes it seems so out of reach, especially when fear begins to rear its ugly head. How do we stay in faith when fear beckons? I so enjoyed narrating Fear and Faith: Finding The Peace Your Heart Craves for christianaudio.  In this book, author Trillia J. Newbell, walks us through the many faces of fear, bringing each one out into the stark light. Trillia allows herself to be completely transparent as she shares her own personal stories of how she has struggled with fear.  Through her stories and others, Trillia gives her audience practical tools to overcome fear through biblical encouragement, by applying scripture and by showing each of us, that we can fight fear with faith…and win.

Fear and Faith: Finding The Peace Your Heart Craves is now available in audiobook format at, and

Fear and Faith


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