Enders Game Alive, the Audioplay

hqdefaultSusan Hanfield recently completed recording Ender’s Game Alive in which she was cast as Ender’s sister, Valentine Wiggin (Seen on the left in the photo to the left). This fully dramatized multi-character audio play is based on the novel, Ender’s Game, by Orsen Scott Card. Enders’s Game Alive is available now, prior to the release of the upcoming motion picture.

Check out this article, Ender’s Game Alive, the audioplay.

SkyboltMedia.com recently released a special article featuring samples of the recording process captured during the Ender’s Game Alive Audioplay recording and included some great behind the scenes videos of both Susan Hanfield and Paul Boehmer, who plays the voice of Peter, Ender’s Brother.

Article writer Gabrielle writes “In addition to being an incredible narrator and voice-over artist, Susan is also an accomplished actor who has appeared in several independent films, theater productions, and national commercials.  And as Valentine, Susan was no stranger to those heart strings either.  She is just the kind of actor who commits entirely, who arrives on set so focused and yet so sweet, who’s able to seesaw between lightness and depth in a way that will catch any onlooker’s breath in his or her throat.  Just as Paul was able to channel his inner bully, Susan was truly able to access what it meant to be a young girl caught between two warring brothers.  She brought such a vulnerability, such an authentically emotional presence, that we too wanted to save the world for her once we listened to her talk for about a millisecond.”

View a clip of the recording process with Susan Hanfield here.

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