Pauline’s Passion & Punishment AND Other Escapades! Oh my.

51p3rYR6hUL._SL500_AA300_PIaudible,BottomRight,13,73_AA300_ Oh my, is right!  Such unrestrained fun I had narrating one of 5 stories in Pauline’s Passion and Punishment and Other Escapades written by Louisa May Alcott , beloved writer of Little Women.  Alcott wrote this series under the pseudonym A.M. Barnard, which should give a little insight into how scandalous these stories were for the time!! The story I had the pleasure of narrating, Marion Earle: or, Only an Actress! explores sexual betrayal and abandonment following the life of an actress and what many assumed was her disgraceful profession.  It’s a fierce story, full of passion, heartache, self-sacrifice and suggests another view of  what the life of an actress may really have been like during that era.  Alcott herself made a  journal entry in 1858 stating “Perhaps it is acting, not writing, I’m meant for. Nature must have a vent somehow.”   She clearly had a heart for her subject matter.  I’m so glad she did.


Pauline’s Passion and Punishment and Other Escapades is  now available on Amazon, Audible and Downpour. Published by Blackstone Audio and Skyboat Media.