Tools for Teaching, 2nd Edition – releases on Audio!

Tools for Teaching, Second Edition released on Audio this past week! I so enjoyed narrating this informative and comprehensive work, written by Barbara Gross Davis and published by the awesome team at Tantor Media.

I have always loved being in a classroom setting, and so many of my favorite courses over the years, truly had to do with how the instructor communicated with his/her students as they got the information across to us in an interesting and accessible way. With our current fast-paced society and vastly emerging technology now affecting our educational environments, it is more important than ever to incorporate new methods and tools in a way that quickly connects and engages students with the material at hand.

In Davis’ long awaited update to her best selling book, Tools for Teaching, 2nd Edition provides a detailed road map to successfully integrate your coursework in a way that will not only engage students, but also encourage them to participate in the classroom experience.

Davis’ methods are designed to improve the teaching methods from beginning through senior faculty members.

Tools for Teaching, 2nd edition is now available on audio at Audible or at


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