Fall in Love with Emma & Akecheta in Pillsbury Crossing

Pillsbury Crossing_

Today is the audiobook release day for Pillsbury Crossing! I really loved narrating this beautiful novel by Donna Mabry. Pillsbury Crossing is Book 2 of the Manhattan Stories.  We pick up in the story where Jessica left off, in the heartland of Kansas.  From here, we follow the very special childhood friendship of Emma and Akecheta. As Emma & Akecheta grow up, a romance begins to blossom until Aketcheta leaves Manhattan, Kansas to go to school in the other Manhattan – Manhattan, New York…

I fell in love with this book and fell in love with the characters. I also learned how to milk a cow, how to train a horse and how to stare down a grizzly, all the while discovering the beauty within these pages, known as Pillsbury Crossing.

The audiobook version of Pillsbury Crossing is now available at Amazon.com.

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