A Step Into The 1930s, A Volatile Court Room And The After-Effects Of A Nuclear Plant Accident …

This is what you’ll find in the new cut of my Dramatic Demo Reel! The clips included here are from Magdalene, a 1930s period piece directed by Rebecca Cremona. I play Magdalene, a former concert pianist who, no longer being able to continue in her loveless marriage, decides to end her life by taking a lethal dose of Laudanum. Magdalene won a Directors Guild Award, several honorable mentions and also screened at the Cannes Film Festival where Magdalene acquired a seven year distribution deal with Shorts International.  Also, included here, is a clip from Island Song, directed by Richard Massey. I play a no-nonsense judge to the incredibly talented Richard Gant. Island Song won the Audience Award at the Pan African Film Festival! The third piece is from a PSA I did called Accidents which deals with the Chernobyl disaster, directed by Remii Huang. In this clip, I play a therapist dealing with clients who were not able to forgive themselves for their part in this most devastating incident.

Have a look & thanks so much for taking the time!

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