Island Song Wins Audience Award

Susan Hanfield portrays Judge Brown in Island Song, a film directed by David Massey, starring Richard Gant. Island Song won the Audience Award at the 2013 Pan African Film Festival.

About the Movie:
Superstar Los Angeles D. J., Maurice Manning journeys to the mystical Virgin Islands to find himself caught up in a dark, criminal underworld of payola and illegal contraband. It’s a harrowing trip that rips him out of his self-absorption toward redemption. Believing he is in control of his world, Maurice uncovers the dark figures pulling the strings of his career. Through his mission to locate a pirate broadcaster hidden in the rainforest, he learns that something far more sinister is going on. His target, the mythic and elusive figure known only as Zerai, a prophet, poet and warrior, whose life-long goal is to keep the islands safe. It’s Zerai that teaches Maurice humility and charity. Maurice learns this lesson in a life and death struggle, when he discovers that he was used by his boss, not just to find Zerai, his new mentor and benefactor, but to set the island mystic up to be brutally murdered. Maurice discovers to his horror how he has been manipulated. The revenge he wreaks upon the criminals may not save his heart, but perhaps, will save his soul.

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